Art History

             Black Valley Rafting is located in the north gate of national 5A scenic area of Chongqing Black Valley, which is only one-hour drive from the main district area of Chongqing with the forest coverage rate of 95% or more. It’s known as "biological gene bank of Chongqing and Guizhou" and marks the largest self-heating ecological scenic spot in Chongqing. With no sizzling summer, it’s quite suitable for leisure summer resort, health care, tour, water sports and other outdoor sports.

            Black Valley Rafting project is built by a professional team. After nearly two years of careful construction and trial operation, it has become an ideal place for summer rafting in Chongqing. The rafting river features total length of 3.8 km and height difference of over 170 meters surrounded by mountains on both sides of the river with pleasant scenery, high oxygen content of the air and clear and cool river water. The whole process is exciting, safe, ecological and environmental friendly.